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7 Great Ways to Improve Customer Service in Logistics

how is customer service related to logistics management

Corresponding costs for the logistics system and revenue created from logistics services determine the profits for the company. Logistics management helps to identify cost-saving how is customer service related to logistics management measures and keep expenses lower, thus ensuring better productivity. The last-mile is the most important element in logistics and is the key to achieving customer satisfaction.

how is customer service related to logistics management

Today, companies have signed up with logistics partners to arm their customers with online order tracking which decreases a huge workload for the companies. These partners are responsible for providing customers with a clear explanation for when they will receive a product and why an order might be delayed. Excellent customer service leads to customer satisfaction leading to an improved brand image.

Difference between logistics and supply chain management?

Regularly monitoring shipments and leveraging data analytics can help identify potential issues before they occur. Depending on the system used for communicating orders, the transmittal time varies. The transmittal time includes transferring the order request from the origin to the entry of the order for further processing. Order entry may be handled manually such as physically carrying the order or electronically via toll-free number, satellite communication or via the internet. The manual processing is slow but inexpensive, while the electronic methods are most reliable, accurate and fast but expensive.

  • This is the most expensive logistics activity and therefore, is a step that should be planned carefully to minimize manufacturing costs.
  • Effective coordination between departments and external partners ensures smooth operations and a cohesive customer experience throughout the supply chain.
  • Giving customers these options (where available) is another great way to bolster your reputation amongst your customer base.

He is responsible for a team of 20 translators, reviewing content suggestions and setting up processes. In his free time he likes to go to gym, and is also passionate about gaming and cooking. To establish a long-term relationship with them and gain their loyalty, you need to shift from a product-oriented strategy to a customer-focused one. When you’re running a business, timing is everything, and a late delivery almost always throws off your schedule if you aren’t alerted to the delay ahead of time. I’ve purchased glasses in-store and I know there’s a lot of steps between choosing the frame you like and actually receiving your final pair of glasses.

Customer Service vs. Technical Support — What They Are & How They Differ

Efficient logistics management ensures a smooth flow of communication and products, builds better customer relationships, and minimizes the need to maintain excess inventory. It helps differentiate the brand’s products, increase sales, and ensure that their clients stay loyal. Another factor in the overall customer service level is the amount of variability present in each service provided. The larger the uncertainty in a supply chain the larger the costs for safety inventories, time in transit, or cost of expedited deliveries. In the case of customer service, variability is generally considered negative to overall customer experience. Logistics refers to the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the movement of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

how is customer service related to logistics management

Intermodal operations involve the use of two or more modes, or carriers, to transport goods from supplier to consumer. Special standardized containers are used for intermodal operations, which eliminates the risks of directly handling goods. Better intermodal operations help to lower costs, are environment friendly, and are more reliable and safer.

Gathering customer feedback and using it to drive improvements

This is about the management of reclaiming materials and supplies from the customer back to production. For example, reverse logistics management is concerned with the return of unwanted or unused products from the end customer seeking a refund. The issues in this involve moving materials; including loading, unloading and transportation, as well as keeping track of the stock and how it’s used.

The top 12 supply chain management certifications – CIO

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Unless you’re a SaaS company, most businesses will need a strategy to create and deliver their products. Whether you’re working B2B, have brick-and-mortar storefronts, or selling products via ecommerce, logistics will play a key role in keeping pace with customer demand. If your logistics are inefficient, you’ll have a tougher time getting your product into the hands of your customers, which can lead to friction and potential churn. Delivering goods on time—and consistently—is a fundamental aspect of exceptional customer service in logistics. Meeting delivery deadlines not only enhances customer satisfaction but also strengthens the credibility of logistics companies. Sterling and Lambert clearly showed in their research that logistics customer service is the critical factor for the office systems as well as plastic and furniture factories.

2. Definition of customer service

Businesses need to implement effective logistics management to remain competitive and to ensure their stability. Proper logistics management ensures that businesses can meet both demand and consumer expectations. Returns management, often referred to as reverse logistics, is the management of returned items to the company.

how is customer service related to logistics management

You can go the extra mile by (where necessary) offering after-sale maintenance to your customers. By considering customer needs like this, you’ll make your customers much happier. In a way, it’s like a convolutional neural network definition, intertwining your knowledge of customer service with your knowledge of logistics to benefit your business. Logistics service providers oversee the flow of materials and products from their points of origin to their ultimate destination. Their responsibilities can include warehousing, distribution and transportation. Logistics management involves a lot of planning and the more steps, the better.

Along with supply chain visibility comes updating your customers on the process of their products. Real-time updates are essential with packages and enable the customers to track their items on their own time. Customer service in logistics is significant to building an effective supply chain. Since they are on the receiving end of your products and get the opportunity to use them, customers always come first. From that experience, customers determine the company’s reputation and how it stands out against the competition. Since the boom of e-Commerce shopping, there has been a growing line of customers demanding temporary storage, quick delivery, etc.

how is customer service related to logistics management

Customers value logistics experience as it impacts their satisfaction with the overall purchase experience and their perception of the company’s reliability and professionalism. In summary, logistics is a critical component of business operations that impacts the bottom line and overall success of the organization. Logistics management is an important business operation process that involves the coordination, movement, and storage of goods through efficient use of resources. It includes activities such as sourcing, planning, tracking, warehousing, transportation, inventory control and customer service. Demand Planning is the process of analyzing, evaluating, and forecasting the demand for goods to ensure availability of products and goods that customers want to buy. It gives a business the ability to predict future sales and to have sufficient inventory levels to meet customer needs, without having a surplus stock.

Delivering Better Customer Service

The service offers real-time GPS locations, temperature information, and power alerts to its customers. The tool, and various other startups, are now pushing the frontiers of supply chain management and visibility. Ecommerce companies have mastered the art of keeping customers in the loop about their orders every step of the way. There’s no reason why logistics companies cannot adopt a similar tactic for every step of the supply chain. This will help build customer confidence, and reduce the need for them to reach out to customer support.

This logistics will also involve coordination for the storage and transportation of the materials. It also means evaluating the level of supply to match demand to make sure that the process has a smooth flow. Supply management needs to be handled on time as delays can lead to a disruption in the entire supply chain.

how is customer service related to logistics management